Answers to Top 5 Common Printer Problems

Answers to Top 5 Common Printer Problems

Being in the industry for last 3 decades, we are proud to be recognised as the 'Trusted Printing Partners' by our customers. We have worked with businesses big & small and have heard numerous stories about their pain points related to their printers. Here is a list of top 5 printer related concerns that our customers have shared with us.

1. The Web Page Won’t Print Properly

Web pages are not a uniformed size, always check Print Preview before printing in your web browser to ensure you aren’t printing page after page of information when you only need the first page.

2. My Printer Lies about Empty Cartridges

The empty cartridge signal from many printers is just a preemptive warning, letting you know it’s time to order a replacement. Try not to run the cartridge completely dry, ink is a coolant for the printhead.

3. Paper is Stuck in the Printer

When paper is regularly getting stuck in the printer, the culprit is often a small shred of paper trapped within the mechanism. Remove all the sheets of paper out of the tray and open all the printer’s flaps. Switch off the printer & use a torch and a pair of tweezers to locate the offending strip of paper and carefully remove it. The printing process should be able to continue now without further obstructions.

4. My prints have white spots.

If you have white spots all over the page, it’s possible your paper has absorbed humidity from the air. Get fresh, unopened paper and see if the problem goes away.

5. There’s White Lines on My Print Jobs

If there are unwanted white lines on a print job, it may be indicative of debris between the toner cartridge and drum. Remove the cartridge and drum and softly brush away any debris before refitting the consumables.

If problems persist, contact your local Cartridge World store for assistance.

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