Become a Cartridge World Franchisee

Considering a career change, interested in running a business, or just looking to be your own boss so you can achieve that work-life balance we all crave? A Cartridge World franchise provides the opportunity to do all of this within the security of an established global brand and supportive network ensuring you and your business can be a success right from the start.

Why Choose Cartridge World?

Owning and operating your own business in a growing sector where you can enjoy the 9-5, make money for yourself, and take Sundays off if you wish may sound too good to be true but it can be the reality.

With over 21 years of operational experience in Australia, Cartridge World provides the perfect platform to build and grow your business.

Support Our Franchisees Receive

As a trusted brand and established brand, Cartridge World has the dedicated infrastructure and supportive Network in place to nurture you through each step of your franchise journey.

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About Cartridge World & Our Vision

As specialists in both ink and laser cartridges, we pride ourselves on finding cost-effective solutions for our customers’ printing needs.

Our stores carry a large range of hardware and consumables to suit home, office, and educational needs. Providing quality products and delivering excellent service are our core values.

These values, and the Cartridge World brand, provide credibility and recognition, not only as an Australian owned business, serving local communities, but also as an environmentally responsible brand – attributes that we are all committed to and are truly proud of.

Cartridge World is part of the Franchise Council of Australia and has won numerous business and Franchising awards throughout the World.