Working with you to reduce climate change

Every cartridge refilled is one less cartridge going to the landfill - and that's a choice we can both be proud of!

At Cartridge World, we are committed to keeping the planet safer and cleaner by offering refilling & remanufactured cartridges that can be reused as much as possible.

Cartridge World was the first ink-refill destination in Australia & New Zealand. With over 30 years of industry experience, our stores can provide expert solutions when it comes to printing related needs.

Why you should consider refilling your printer cartridges?

That's because every minute 34 printer cartridges are sent to landfill sites around Australia!

Refill to save costs

Printer cartridges can refilled up to 5-7 times before reaching the end of their life, saving on new cartridge costs.

Refill to help save the earth

Refilling reduces air & water pollution, emissions related with land-filling, incineration or manufacture of new cartridges.

Refill to save resources

Refilling helps in conserving natural resources used to create a new cartridge, reducing the raw materials usage.

Refill to save energy

Refilling your printer cartridges can help in saving energy by reducing new cartridge production.

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Our store managers can review your cartridge and help you with the option that works best for you. Contact one of our stores today to get your cartridges refilled.