Are you prepared to work from home?

Are you prepared to work from home?

With no end in sight to COVID-19, many businesses are developing or implementing work-from-home policies to ensure business continuity.

Telstra says all its Australian-based office staff, excluding call centre workers and other essential employees, will work from home till March-end, with more big organisations expected to follow suit.

It may be required for small and medium-sized businesses to extend remote working options to their employees as well. Here are top tips to get yourself ready for working from home.


Having the necessary setup at work can help you manage your work from home period in a better-planned way.

  1. At the very least, set up a workstation at home with your laptop or computer station.

  2. Ensure a high-speed internet connection & affordable phone plans for long calls.

  3. Arrange comfortable seating at home. Some employers may allow you to take your office chair home.

  4. If your work requires a lot of team collaboration, it would be advisable to create team accounts with online tools such as Microsoft Team Viewer, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

  5. Have a stock of basic stationery items depending on your work requirements.

  6. Does your work require regular printing? Depending on your printing needs, you have three options to choose from:

    a) Option 1: Limited printing requirement – Just get your documents printed at your nearest printing facility. Your nearest Cartridge World store around the corner will be able to help.

    b) Option 2: If you print only a few pages daily, buying a cheap printer should suffice.

    c) Option 3: If your printing requirement is on the higher end, you may even qualify for our free printer program & save – Check here if you qualify.

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Studies have shown working from home for extended periods can leave employees feeling socially and professionally isolated.

When we work from home, we have fewer opportunities to interact and acquire information, which may lead remote workers to feel less confident in their tasks.


Organisations & individuals can increase the success of working from home. Regular communication can help ensure tasks are coordinated, knowledge is transferred, and social and professional isolation is reduced.

  1. Make sure to communicate with your team regularly about your work.

  2. Get comfortable with online conferencing tools, webchat tools or screen sharing tools for meetings or team discussions.

  3. Communicate clearly with your employer about your personal responsibilities, like kids being at home due to schools being off and discuss your schedule to avoid any confusion.



Working from home once in a few days is different from working compulsorily because of a pandemic. There is negativity, hysteria, and fear everywhere around which takes on a different meaning when you are socially isolated and can take a toll on your work life.

Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your game.

  1. Have a set working schedule and stick to it.

  2. Plan your day as if it is a regular workday and schedule your activities around it.

  3. Have a dedicated work area at home, away from distractions. Ideally a dedicated office space away from living room & bedroom.

  4. Stay in touch with your colleagues and friends.

Working from home generally leads to more productivity, better autonomy of work and fewer distractions. If done right during this period, it will have minimal impact on employee productivity whilst keeping the workplace health at priority.
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