Inkjet or Laser Printer - Which one to go for?

Inkjet or Laser Printer - Which one to  go for?

Of all the questions that we at Cartridge World get asked on a daily basis, what is the most frequently asked? Easy, “should I buy an inkjet or laser printer?”

This article is going to break down the fundamental differences between an inkjet and laser printer as well as describe which machine is better for which particular function.

Essentially, the core difference between the two types of machines is that inkjets utilise liquid ink and laser printers contain a fine powder called toner.

Either way, you only pay for the printer once, but you’re paying for inks (or toners) many more times than that.

However, a laser printer also has other, very expensive items in them that also need to be replaced: Fuser, Transfer Belt and Drums x 4. So, from a cost of running perspective, a small business or home office should consider a carefully chosen Inkjet Printer.

Now another important factor to consider is the application the machine will be used for. For high volume text printing, laser machines are absolutely the way to go, that is what they are designed for. If you simply need the printer to do some text printing every now and again as well as some images, an inkjet machine may be the most suitable option. If you need your machine to print quality graphics, an Inkjet with photo paper cannot be beaten.

It all comes down to what you’re using the printer for. Drop into your nearest Cartridge World store, we have a large range of economical printers on display and over 30 years of experience to guide you.

Are you sure you need a laser printer? “Why, we ask?” “I have had inkjets and they are too expensive to run, slow and the ink dries up.” It is the most common reply.

I don’t think that is accurate anymore, let’s look at these beliefs:

  1. Too expensive! All laser printers have the following: Fuser & Drum and some even have a transfer belt and waste collector. All of which will need replacing and are expensive. These costs are never calculated in when buying a laser printer. Inkjets don’t have any of that. Further, lasers use a lot more electricity than inkjets. As for cartridges, it’s not unusual to get 1,200 pages from a black ink cartridge and that will only set you back $35 or so. Colours can do 900 pages for only $25 each.
  2. Very Slow: If you buy a $20 inkjet, yes sure, they are slow. $100 or so will get an Inkjet that can do at least 20 pages per minute and they start immediately, not like lasers that must warm up.
  3. Ink Dries Up: Well, not anymore, those days have gone.

If you only want to print black, then yes, a laser is an affordable choice. But not if you want to do colour printing. Ink Printers can now print up to 100 pages a minute and go 50,000 pages before needing more ink! Ink is giving Laser a good run for the money.

Having said that, beware the cheap inkjet printer!

Basically, there is no such thing as a cheap printer.

It’s stunning the number of customers that come in, asking for a replacement set of inks or toners only to find that a set is a lot more expensive than their new printer!

That is called “The Sting in the Tail”. It’s a classic marketing move by the printer companies designed to get you hooked on their product. In their defence it costs a lot to design, manufacture and distribute a printer, they do need to get their investment back, somehow.

So, how do you dodge the Sting?

Well, if you have no special printing needs, the best way is to look at the midrange printers. That is where you most often get the best economies of scale. You usually get lots of features with cartridges that are well priced and have plenty of ink in them.

Look at the printer box, write the details of the type of cartridges the printer takes and then go to the rack and price up the cost/yield ratio (cost divided by the number of pages, gives you the cost per page). Beware printers with either a combination cartridge (like a 3 in 1 type) or a printer that has more than 5 individual cartridges.

If all that is too much for you, then drop into your nearby store and one of our staff members can explain it to you quite easily.

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