How to choose a printer for your business?

Printing is a vital part of most organisations, and there are many ways to acquire a printer that work for different types of businesses. So which option will work best for your business? Read on to find out.

Should you buy a printer?

If you have employees with the skills to fix printer issues or the ability to pay for external printer servicing, and you are happy to put up a large amount of capital upfront, then buying a printer outright might be the best model for you. You will also have to factor in the cost of printer cartridges, but if you are happy to take on the maintenance and cost of a printer, you may want to consider buying a printer. This option typically works best for larger organisations with the means to front a large expense, and the resources to service and maintain your printers.

Should you lease a printer?

Leasing is more like buying than it first appears. You’ll make similar monthly payments for the lease term, which is usually between 3 and 5 years. You will also be responsible for servicing and maintenance under this model, as well as paying the cost of printer cartridges as you need them. Overall, the printer lease cost will make up about 40% of your overall operating cost, so it certainly is not the cheapest option.

Should you consider a cost-per-page model?

Under a cost-per-page model, you’ll pay a set rate for black and white prints, and you’ll enter into a monthly minimum volume commitment. This model is highly inflexible, because you’ll always pay for your minimum monthly print volume, and then pay overage charges for each additional print. You don’t have the added cost of cartridges, so the expense greatly depends upon your printing volume needs. If your business prints the same volume every month, then this option may work, but if your business printing needs change from month to month, then this model could get expensive quickly.

So why buy a printer?

If none of these fit your requirements, there is a better and cheaper way to have your business printing needs met. Our flagship Why Buy a Printer program allows you to lease a printer for free. Our expert team can assist with printer selection and handle servicing and maintenance, all without any charge. As well as this, your cartridges would be purchased through us, which allows you to take advantage of additional savings of up to 30% as compared to OEM brand cartridges. This model allows you savings and flexibility that the other models cannot and is ideal for small to medium businesses whose printing solution needs to support their growth and success.

Cartridge World Why Buy A Printer Program