Keeping Your Printer Clean

Keeping Your Printer Clean

The printer is a valuable piece of equipment in any home or work office environment which needs to be shown a little love every now and again to keep it in good working order. Just as you take a car for a service and regular maintenance, the same can be said for your printer.

Printer maintenance is relatively straightforward and easy to undertake. However, care does need to be taken and we would always recommend seeking professional advice – just as you would with your car. Generally, all that is required is a regular clean to remove any build-up of dirt or dust, as this can affect the quality of your printing over time and cause damage to printer parts.

Cleaning an inkjet printer

Inkjet printers need to have their printheads cleaned to prevent clogging. Most printers will run self-cleaning programs but it’s also a good idea to do a few extra cleans by selecting the 'Clean Printhead' option 2 or 3 times on the printer display panel. The printhead can also be removed and carefully wiped clean using a soft, lint-free cloth. Always switch the printer off and allow it to cool – remember the internal components of a printer reach extremely high temperatures.

Cleaning a laser printer

Laser printers collect toner powder residue inside their workings. To prevent residue build-up, you can use a small brush to gently remove any visible dirt or dust. Take care not to touch any parts directly with your fingers. Following these basic steps will help to keep your printer working efficiently and maintain its performance over time. Of course, to make everything even easier and stress-free check with the team at your local Cartridge World store about their servicing and maintenance options – go on, show your printer some love!

Always refer to your printer user guide for the manufacturers cleaning instructions in the first instance. There are many intricate and delicate parts that can easily be damaged so always get an expert opinion if you are not sure. Speak to your local Cartridge World store for advice and guidance on cleaning and any specific maintenance required for your printer.