Cartridge World Asks SMEs Why Buy a Printer When You Can Loan One!

Cartridge World Asks SMEs Why Buy a Printer When You Can Loan One!

The New Cartridge World program erases equipment fees and maintenance costs while providing support for toner monitoring.

Small to medium-sized businesses looking for ways to cut down on printing costs in this new financial year can now benefit from our new ‘Why Buy A Printer' program.

Featuring the benefits of a quality brand printer on loan at no cost for a period of up to two years, with complimentary delivery and optional low-cost installation service, businesses just need to commit to using Cartridge World’s branded toners purchased from a local store.

The program benefits businesses who need a new printer, may be losing valuable business hours in constant service monitoring and currently don’t have an ongoing service or maintenance solution. Businesses can also now take advantage of new functionality, including scanning, faxing and copying abilities. In addition, Cartridge World’s branded toners provide price savings of up to 30 percent compared to other name brands.

As part of the program, Cartridge World will handle delivery, installation, ongoing service, toner supply, and monitoring. Businesses also benefit from Cartridge World handling real-time monitoring to ensure that users never run out of toner.

In addition to the tangible product benefits, businesses can also potentially improve printer supply costs, security, and environmental sustainability. By using our toner monitoring solution, customers can better manage their cash flow by only purchasing toner as required, lock in prices to avoid any increases and stop having to purchase multiple sets of toner cartridges that just sit in the cupboard collecting dust.

Our store team also provides a personalized consultation tailoring a printing solution that best meets SME’s requirement and budget.

To thrive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, organizations must completely rethink their approach to technology. There's an urgent need to harness emerging devices, software and services while at the same time extracting maximum value from existing investments.

Faced with digital disruption, constantly changing customer demands and a rapidly evolving competitive landscape, an organization’s technology infrastructure must be able to change just as quickly. This printer loan program enables Cartridge World to support successful businesses where change is constant and frees up management to focus on their business rather than be constrained by technology.

Ultimately, we’re providing complimentary delivery of business-class printer(s) and multi-function devices with all printer maintenance, repair, and service included.

Cartridge World Why Buy A Printer Program